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Re: What to do, where to go?

I’ve gotten more info about VFKs PPL-A training prices, they sort of match those of EMFK.

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What to do, where to go?

When one has set his goals it’s sometimes hard to see how to realize them. In my case the path is quite clear, the means are obvious and the costs are predetermined, but which club should I attend? I’ve been in contact with both Eskilstuna and Västerås flight clubs, I’ve even met some of Eskilstunas people… Where to go?

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A step into aviation

First off, this happened a few weeks ago, 15th March, anyway,,,

A friend of mine and I had vicious plans on how to spend a few bucks in a really short and fun way, how about flying? I’ve been playing with remote controlled helicopters for a while, and my brother’s even working on a private helicopter license, so what should stop me from entering the arena as well? NOTHING, I say NOTHING :D… So…

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