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Re: What to do, where to go?

I’ve gotten more info about VFKs PPL-A training prices, they sort of match those of EMFK.

I’ve also had a chat with my friend from my A step into aviation post the other day concerning which club to set as prio 1. In short we both like EMFK from our visit there, but I plan on making a trip to our closer neighbours (VFK) too. But with the locality of VFK, 20 minutes away on a bike, does a lot to the choice. So, unless there’s anything very unpredicted happening, we’ll probably try to get into our local club, with the exception that they’ve announced some concerns with finding pilots.

It looks like this baby will land somewhere around 75000 SEK, divided roughly like 15000 on September, 5000 for each month that’s passing until august next year, when there will be another 15000 falling away. These prices has been rounded to number easier to remember and I think the first expense would be more like 17000 or so… but I haven’t had anyone to confirm this yet… But the prices will look roughly the same for EMFK, but I have a more accurate plan from them… but we’ll see…

bye ;)

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